is proud to have created one of the most cutting-edge dance climates in the intensive industry. 

Our unique event includes diverse workshop classes with a mission to deliver outstanding training, forums, city trips, parties, fitness & wellness. 

The Experience gathers a collection of the industry’s most sought-after instructors and choreographers who are dedicated to the development of the future generation of movers/dancers.

Our uniqueness…

In addition to an unparalleled dance intensive, The Experience offers, state-of-the-art competitions where versatility is encouraged and rewarded. 

Our competitions make sure that dancers of all ages and levels get to experience a positive performance opportunity during our 1vs1 all styles battles, showcases & choreography contests. 

Why join?

The Experience creates an encouraging, ego free atmosphere that expands the participants horizons through examination and self-expression. The Experience team takes pride in every dancer’s personal growth and has designed its program to produce a supportive vent, allowing every participant to excel. 

We strive to create a truly unique and unforgettable climate for all dancers, creatives and teachers.  

We hope you will join The Experience for what promises to be another extraordinary intensive!


A 5-day dance experience touring throughout the major cities of the continent of Europe.
A gathering of the industry’s most looked out for creatives, instructors and choreographers.
Workshop classes in fundamental dance techniques, fitness, wellness and today’s most cutting-edge trends
State-of-the-art competition where versatility is encouraged and rewarded
City trips that expands and offer one’s participant an immense connection with culture
An encouraging ego free atmosphere that expands one’s artistic horizons through examination and self-expression