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Double your gigs and build a steady income from dancing!

Have you ever wondered how you can get more money from dancing?

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If your answer is yes, your in the right place at the right moment.I developed a dance coaching program that will teach you the necessary business & dancing skills demanded in the dance industry so you can improve your connections, double your jobs & double your money!

You love dancing.

You feel great on stage and you know that dancing means happiness…and what better way to get your message out in the world to more people then trough your influence and impact on their happiness.

My guess is that you want to have a positive impact trough your dancing. We all humans do, but as you may already experienced people look at us dancers and believe that doing what we love and being passionate about it, means doing it for free…

At some point in time if you would want to be a professional dancer it will be possible to dance just for the love of it but for now, our society demands us to pay our taxes, rent, food, gas & education which means that me and you as artists need to get paid for the services that we give to the world like everybody else who’s offering services.

But right now you’re struggling to:

  • Have your money on time (late payments).

  • Stay in shape mentally, physically & spiritually.

  • Get faire deals and contracts.

  • Get yourself famed and admired for you greatest talents.

  • Have consistent and progressive periods of time performing.

  • Receive the right amount of money for what you actually perform.

    Do you know anything about the existence of a dance market?

    Let’s figure & find out together.

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What is coaching for dancers ?

Coaching for dancers is the key to unlocking your max potentials both in business skills & dance skills, using a strategic approach that transforms your dance life into a business asset that positions you as the go-to expert in your dance niche.

This program is for you if:

You want to be a better leader.
You would like to market and sell yourself better.
You would like to build a steady income from dancing.
You want to write clearer emails and business proposals.
You want to transform your dancing studio into a profitable business.
You want to know how you can book tours, commercials and campaigns.
You would like to grow your dancing skills, physical condition & stage presence.
You treat dancing like a hobby and you want to transform it into a self sustaining freelance business.
You would like to strengthen up your ability to deliver a powerful message trough your performances.
You want to be more organised as a dancer/choreographer/creative director and you need a coach to keep you disciplined.
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-The first dance coach in Romania.

-International Choreographer,Dancer,Creative Director,Performer, Judge.

-Choreographer, Creative Director Dancer for the biggest TV shows 

in Romania: The Voice & Romania’s Got Talent.

-Creator, Organiser and brand manager of The Experience a dance happening camping through cities such as: Vienna, Bucharest, Munich & Sofia.

-Choreographer, Creative Director for the biggest music festival in South East Europe, awarded as Best Major European Festival: UNTOLD

-Numerous Celebrity Clients: Fatman Scoop, Inna, Alexandra Stan, Alina Eremia, Fly Project, Ioana Jo, Liviu Teodorescu.

-Numerous Brand Clients:Tag a Heur, Telekom, Ulysse Nardin, Nestle, Mercedes, Marlboro, Givenchy, Global Records, Cartier.

-Entertaiment manager: Club D2 (China). 

-Contributor for WWCA, World Wide Creative Associates the biggest dance agency in South-East Europe.

-Nominated several times as one of the most loved dancers in the Romanian dance community.

However more important that any of my realisations is the fact that I love what I do every day and the fact that I get the chance to help other people obtain better performances both in their personal lives as in their professional.

Why I created Coaching for Dancers?

I’m sick of dancers not breaking trough and becoming well-paid artists.

I’m here to drag them out of the hamster wheel of performing for free (or at a very low fees).

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Here are some areas in which performance-based dance coaching can help you excel:

  • You will learn about the Pyramid of Dancers which I created which contains 10 amazing steps that helped me and other professional dancers achieve maximum efficiency on both plans: 1.Dance Skills / 2 Business Skills in Dance.

  • You will learn how to teach a dance class and dramatically improve your connection with your students and your employer which will give you reassuring facts that you will be booked again.

  • You will learn how to improve you negotiation skills with the people that eventually connects you with your jobs and opportunities, such as: managers, agents, labels, artists, promoters, and never risk them forgetting about you among their database clients.

  • You will learn how to market & position yourself on the dance market, like a leading top rated professional artist. All of it trough the expansion and evolution of your networking skills, creating occasions after occasions for you to radiate.

  • You will learn how I got a dance teaching diploma/patent 100% legal that didn’t required any faculty, moreover, you will be able to continue your dancing path without stopping and achieving it.

  • You will learn how to stop paying anyone ever again for unsuitable pictures, videos, graphics, websites etc, that eventually will going to deprive you for getting the job or audition that you always dreamed of.

  • You will learn how to demand higher fees by boosting your self-confidence & online content.

  • You will learn how to stand up for your rights as an artist/entertainer which will bring you respect & clarity in your community and your self-confidence.

Get a free 30 min coaching call


1 session/ 2 weeks ( 2 sessions/month)
1 session = 120 min
Bonus: You’ll receive support materials for your coaching sessions.


1 session/ 1/week ( 4 sessions/month)
1 session = 120 + extra time if needed
Bonus: You’ll receive support materials for your coaching sessions.
Bonus: Access to some of my network contacts (if needed).
Bonus: Madalin Farc’s Presence at one of your performances for live a feedback.
Bonus: Telephone availability 24/7.



You can start right now!


That depends on your needs, your current skill level, and the amount of time you’re able to spend practicing between sessions.  Following your first session, which is partly diagnostic, we’ll decide how to schedule future sessions. Given the factors above and your time frame and budget. And if you only want one session, that hour will be action-packed and informative!


While every session has some theory (talking about how and why things work), they’re mostly taken up by practice (you working to refine new dancing skills, using the talents that God left you with).This might mean practicing for a workshop that you have soon, sending some emails to your contacts or developing an idea that we agree on. Anyhow it’s individualized, hands-on, and will always be about what you need.


My clients range from unemployed dancers and artists up to multinational corporations, so it’s not one size fits all. Contact me to discuss what we can work out for you.


For me the satisfaction of my clients is a major priority.

My dance coaching is 100% personalized to your goals, abilities, and schedule. You can choose my Silver package that has 2 coaching sessions per month of 120 min each, or the Gold accelerated that has 4 sessions per month of 120 min.

If for any reason you believe that these informations and materials are not good for you, send me and email and I will send you the money back (100% Guarantee).

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